Preh - MCI 111

Preh - MCI 111

This alphanumeric keyboard is the ideal solution for fast and clear input of machine-readable data. Up to three independent readers provide the user with support for fast data entry. The OCR reader for reading ID and similar documen- tation, the magnetic card reader for reading credit cards or access cards, and the (optional) 2D bar- code reader for recording labels, tickets, or similar items. The ergo- nomic design has been selected to achieve optimum adaptation to human motor function.

The two internal readers operate bidirectionally, so that documents and cards can be fed through the reader in both directions. This means that the input device is ergonomic and easy-to-use for both right and left-handed users.


OCR reader

Power supply via USB 5V+- 5%
Power consumption < 500 mA
USB interface
Control via virtual COM interface
Bi-directional document feed
Reads OCR-B data from machine-readable passports with 2 lines and maximum of 44 characters
Reads machine-readable visas with 2 lines and max. 44 characters or 2 lines with 36 characters
Reads machine-readable travel documents with 2 lines and 36 characters, or 3 lines and 30 characters

Magnetic card reader

Card can be entered in both directions
Reads track 1, 2 and 3 in accordance with ISO 7810, ISO 7811
Additional configuration: AAMVA,CADL
Parameters can be adjusted using WinProgrammer (header and terminator)
Magnetic head can perform over 500,000 read cycles

PC connection

USB interface

Keyboard electronics

Freely programmable USB flash memory
OPOS and JAVA POS drivers

4 status indicators


Radio interference

The device complies with the limit values of the following standards with regard to radio interference:
1. EN 55022
2. FCC part 15, limit class A