Star - Asura CPRNT

Star - Asura CPRNT

Star Micronics introduces its AsuraCPRNT, a robust, feature rich, interactive communication platform with an integrated printer. Standing at 15 inches tall, the AsuraCPRNT is equipped with a reliable ARM processor which manages its seven-inch touch-screen display and its integrated high-speed three-inch printer. 

The AsuraCPRNT ‘s computing capability, coupled with its ability to drive content to other devices such as smart phones, merchant tablets and digital signage, gives developers the perfect platform to create applications that engage the customer and provide an interactive in-store experience. With unmatched utility, the AsuraCPRNT is capable of delivering audiovisual messages on its own screen as well as on external signage, managing queues and loyalty programs, tracking inventory, operating as a self-service kiosk and so much more. Truly one of a kind, the AsuraCPRNT leaves the developer to determine its ultimate role. 

The AsuraCPRNT is available with optional integrated magnetic stripe reader and 2D imager module. The AsuraCPRNT is optimized to support connection of external USB peripherals such as a biometric scanner, WiFi/3G/4G dongle, camera and many others.

  • Point of Interaction
Intuitive 7 inch touch screen receives information from users as well as provides media rich displays for businesses creating the ultimate customer engagement experience. Programmable LED lights project an aesthetic display to attract users in active areas.
  • ARM based CPU
Provides easy to use Linux programming platform for developers and reliable computing power to run feature rich software and applications.
  • Wide array of connectivity
Ability to connect with other technologies such as biometric scanners for security, cameras for live video interaction, NCF readers for identification, and many more.
  • Integrated High Speed Printer
Print high quality coupons, receipts and documents at point of interaction, on demand, without waiting time.
  • High Reliability   
Durable design with secure electronic paper locking mechanism effective in self-service environment.  
  • Small Foot Print
Light weight and compact design provides users flexibility in its display set up whether if it is secured on a flat surface with base stand or mounted on a poll with VESA back mount.
  •  7" LCD interactive touch screen display
  •  Reliable ARM based CPU
  •  256MB of memory + Micro SDHC up to 32GB
  •  Integrated high-speed thermal printer
  •  Integrated magnetic stripe reader and 2D imager
  •  Internal speaker
  •  4 x USB port, Ethernet, audio line out, MIC input