Star - Dot Matrix Printer - SP298 Slip Printer

Star - Dot Matrix Printer - SP298 Slip Printer

The SP298 is the ideal printer for printing “company branded” pre-printed multi-part slips/forms. In many hotels, owners used the same printed form through the bar, the reception, the restaurant or gift shop. The SP298 is world famous for its “tab” capability: additional items (drinks or desserts) can be printed as ordered, due to the auto alignment and positioning feature.

Hardware Features & Benefits 
Slip Printing Prints on checks, slips, and single sheets 
AutoSide Loading Positions a misaligned slip to ensure straight printing 
High Reliability MCBF: 22 Million Lines
Guillotine Auto Cutter: 1 Million Cuts
Small Foot Print Save precious counter space
Multiple Copy Support Print multiple part forms; Supports Original + 2 copies  
Multiple Paper Width Support Prints on documents anywhere from 3.15” – 7.16” wide 
Top & Bottom of Form Paper Sensors                     

Automatically detects the top and bottom of documents to prevent manual adjustments