Star - Hybrid Printer - HSP7543

Star - Hybrid Printer - HSP7543

The HSP7543 has been developed for applications that rely heavily on dependable validation and slip printing for optimum operation, such as printing warranty information or parking ticket validation. The HSP7543’s convenient, intuitive forward-loading and top of form positioning for slip/endorsement and validation printing enables simple slip paper loading. Not employing the MICR option, allows a cost reduction for these applications. 

The HSP7543 is designed to assist and empower users who want to extend the capabilities of their current system. 

It combines key features from Star’s celebrated range of products, including the speed and reliability of the market leading TSP700II Series, and the engine from the high speed SP700 dot matrix printer. Star is bringing over 30 years of “know-how” in POS to the HSP7543; resulting in customers receiving the features they need with the reliability they demand, minus the overhead of unnecessary features and costs.

Hardware Features & Benefits
Ultra High Speed Receipt Station
Can print 45 six inch receipts per minute (250 mm/sec)
High Reliability Printer MCBF: 60 Million Lines
Guillotine Auto Cutter: 1 Million Cuts
37 Million Lines

No MICR Version
Perfect validation solution for applications not requiring to read MICR font
Validate checks or other documents with up to 8 lines
Small Foot Print
Save precious counter space
Two Color Capable Highlight important information
“Drop In & Print” Receipt Paper Loading Clamshell design allows for very fast and easy paper loading
Simple Slip Paper Loading Convenient intuitive forward loading and top of form positioning for slip/endorsement and validation printing
Multiple Copy Support Print multiple part forms; Supports Original + 2 copies
* Supported only on the Slip/Validation Stations
Double Resolution Mode Increase resolution to 406 x 203 dpi for beautifully crisp and clear graphics and bar codes
2D Bar Code Printing 2D bar codes store more information than traditional 1D types and replicate the data multiple times for better scanning reliability. PD417 and QR Code are supported
*Supported only on the Thermal Receipt Station
Recessed Cable Connections Helps protect cables from being damaged on the counter top
Installation CD Included in Box No need to download drivers or utilities
Digitally Signed Driver (WHQL) Certified by Microsoft for worry free operation